All India Carpet Manufacturers’ Association, Bhadohi was founded in the year 1960 by leading Manufacturers & Exporters of this region. Our Association has completed 50 years of services to the carpet industry which is now employing more than two million rural artisans situated in the states of U.P., Bihar, M.P., Rajasthan, Punjab and J&K. In U.P. alone the industry is spread over the District of Sant Ravidas Nagar Bhadohi, Mirzapur, Sonebhadra, Varanasi, Chandauli,  Allahabad, Koshambi,  Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi and Agra. The industry is spreading over adjoining districts and has a great potential for offering employment to both male and female rural artisans.

The Carpet Industry of this area has been given G.I. Registration for its unique and best workmanship as  “HAND MADE CARPET OF BHADOHI”  This has been a great achievement  for the whole carpet industry of this area.

It is backbone of financial stability  in Carpet producing areas for family involved in carpet weaving and allied activities like washing, Dying, Finishing, Embossing  etc. The industry is giving employment to the artisans in their own homes and do not require the workers to shift from their home environment to four  walls of a factory in town and Metro Cities. Carpet Industry is the best industry to provide employment without large capital investment and therefore more suited for rural economy.

The carpet industry is entirely export oriented and more than 95% of the production is exported earning foreign exchange. According to the latest statistics available the export of  the  Indian  Carpets was Rs. 2505.33 crores  in 2009-10

All India Carpet Manufacturers’ Association, is involved  in promotion of exports of carpet and has completed 50 years.   It has 240 Members. The Associations is governed by an Executive Committee members of 25 members and a group of office bearers cencerning Shri Onkar Nath Mishra, President, Vice President Shri Surendra Kumar Baranwal, Shri Abdul Hadi, Hony.Secretary, Shri Mohd.Aslam Ansari, Hony.Jt.Secretary and  Shri Shiv Sagar Tiwari, Hony.Treasurer. The Association is engaged in attending all the issues related to carpet industry which include maintaining cordial  relation among all the  stakeholders and concerned Government Departments and Ministries. The Association main object is to promote and work for the development  and welfare of the  weavers and artisans like designers & finishers etc.


  • To work for the protection and to generally further the interest of the Handmade Carpet Industry and to improve its art to attract  foreign customers;
  • To promote co-operation and harmonious relationship between members of the Association and other stakeholders of the industry, in all matters affecting the Industry in  general;
  • To represent the Union and State Govts. and local authorities. The views of the Association in  respect  or any measures proposed or enacted, in any way, affecting the working of or the interest of the Industry so that its efficiency may improve;
  • To unceasingly Endeavour to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of workmanship at all stages of manufacture;
  • To co-operate with  and/or become a member of any other Association or Associations or body or bodies whose objects are similar, wholly or in part, to those of this Association;
  • To do all such lawful actions incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the   foregoing objects;